Friday, October 30, 2009

Rediscovering Tasmania - Near Hobart

It was a special pleasure to have granddaughter Jessica over from Adelaide for a week. Her fiancee Simon (Gumby) tagged along, and it was fun to spend time together and visit a couple of special spots around Hobart.

There are many scenic and beautiful places around our beautiful city and one does not have to drive too far out to enjoy magnificent bush scenery or embark on short walks to waterfalls, rain forests and walking among the treetops. So this 'rediscovery' chapter is about taking Jess & Simon to National Park, where we walked to waterfalls, as well as taking Simon along to Tahune rain forests while Jess had to make a quick trip to Sydney.

The drive to National Park is itself a treat. In autumn it is especially stunning, as can be seen in the following photo taken on a previous occasion during autumn: With the Derwent River central to this scene, one receives a panorama view of Mt Wellington, Collins Cap, New Norfolk and beyond towards National Park where we were heading.

This view from Pulpit Rock takes your breath away. And what a lovely day:Not quite sure what they are saying, though it does not matter.
Importantly, they look pretty happy!

Arriving at National Park, we parked the car and walked first to Russell Falls along a very easy walk-way. Along the way, we helped ourselves to lots of photos with the following good results:

Jess looking cool and happy - of course seeing she was with her Grandpa!!Tasmanian streams like the above are plentiful and pristine!And no, neither made it but had fun doing it!Then, finally Russell Falls from a couple of angles
How magic is this?

On our way to the next waterfall, we stopped to have a look at this peaceful spot. Some folk were staring into the water and told us that they had spotted a couple of platipus which live in this habitat. They are a shy animal and while I have visited these places often, have never seen them in the wild. All the staring into the water did not convince these creatures to come out again. But it is certainly an idyllic spot:
Our next walk was to the Lady Barron falls, a good one hour walk there and back. The walk did us good and we only met one couple along the way. Lady Barron is quite different from Russell Falls, but nevertheless, well worth a visit. Here are just a couple of pics:

Above is self explanatory and below, Simon & Jess sharing
the enjoyment of a great day
As I mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, Jess needed to attend a meeting in Sydney, leaving the two guys to enjoy a day at the Tahune rain forest. Here one is able to experience the magnitude of our trees and walk through the tree tops. It is yet another of those great spots near Hobart.

Looking around and walking among tree tops; looking below and realising the height of some of these timbers, and.........................and looking above:
Finally, we came to the cantilever and enjoyed the views both of it and from it.One can clearly see how the Picton and Huon Rivers join to become the Huon River from that spot on. Later in this chapter, we will visit that spot and cross both the Picton and the Huon - another enjoyable walk.
Simon in an unusually serious mood. He is good company!

We enjoyed walking to the Picton/Huon Rivers junction taking yet further photographic evidence of the beauty of this place:There are two swinging bridges to cross.It is rather hard to hold the camera still as the bridge does move plenty!

Along the way to Tahune, we stopped at a couple of places, enjoying the peace of the forests, staggered by the largeness of creation as well as the gentleness of the undergrowth, like:Then there was this giant 'old man' of the forest:
Or just another short walk in the Keogh rain forest, which is full of interest and information - and platipus if they show themselves:
One can get totally lost in these surroundings, listening to the wind in the trees and hearing the creek just bubbling along:
Then, all of a sudden a dramatic change as you turn another corner and see this amazing tree with a burr that is the delight of wood-turners:
Who will be my next visitor to share all this beauty? And yes, I do at times carry on a commentary, sharing my love for Tasmania. Other times, we are just quiet, enjoying the awesome inspiration one draws from God's handy work!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rediscovering Tasmania - Wynyard

October is an ideal time to visit the township of Wynyard, located on the north-west coast of Tasmania. In recent years, Wynyard has become especially known for its colourful show of tulips, grown on Table Cape.
The Colours of Wynyard - Bloomin' Tulip Festival draws many people and the town celebrates Spring over a weekend in October.

Wynyard is an increasingly popular tourist centre situated on the Inglis River with easy access to Bass Strait. I am told that today, visitors flock to see the local scenic attraction of Table Cape, a former volcano with views inland along the north coast. Table Cape, an intensely beautiful headland with views back to Wynyard, was originally named by Bass and Flinders who sailed along the coast in 1798.

The Table Cape on which the tulip farms are located with the
beautiful lighthouse - below, keeping a watch on shipping along the coast.
The lookout, not far from the lighthouse, provides panorama
views of Wynyard, east along the coast.

I have always enjoyed Wynyard and during the 1950s visited the place regularly on Saturdays. It was from here that I had my first ever plane flight on board a tiny little single engine Auster, similar to the one below:On our recent visit to King Island (see Rediscover Tasmania - King Island), we flew over Wynyard and took the following stunning views (please make allowances for the discoloured aircraft windows that distorts the photograph somewhat).

Table Cape in the foreground - the site of the tulip farm, the town in the middle and the mountains to the south, including Valentine Peak gives a pretty good overview of this delightful place where people are friendly and there is much to see.Below, Table Cape as seen from the air with the lighthouse prominent:
Wynyard certainly comes alive in October when visitors come to enjoy the
The Colours of Wynyard - Bloomin' Tulip Festival
The town is well worth a special visit during this festival and especially to visit the tulip farms on Table Cape. The main tulip farm is located near the lighthouse on Table Cape and the combination of the two make for wonderful photographic opportunities:
So, enjoy the views with this 'old' man - hmmm! Old? I don't think so.
His eye for beauty is still A-OK!
When we were there a couple of weeks ago, the weather was quite outstanding, as the following small selection of photos will show - and don't be afraid to click on the images to get the full benefit of the colour and the perspective:

The above scene remind me of the 23rd Psalm - the Shepherd Psalm:
The Lord is my Shepherd; I have everything I need.
He lets me rest in pastures of green grass - surrounded by colour,
And leads me to quiet pools of fresh water.
He gives me new strength and guides me in the right paths.
Even if I go through the deepest darkness, I will not be afraid.
I know that your goodness and love will be with me all my life;
And your house will be my home as long as I live.
Psalm 23 Good News version.

Colour galore!And finally, these outstanding views - so colourful and majestic!
Visit Wynyard, and indeed the whole of the beautiful north west coast of Tasmania, and you will not be disappointed. It is peaceful & friendly with excellent food and accommodation.