Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Katoomba and all that!

Jan & I had a few wonderful days in and around Sydney last month. The main object was for Jan to join a small family re-union on her mother's side and she was very much looking forward to catching up with relatives. For good measure, yours truly joined the party and very much enjoyed meeting folk that mean a lot to Jan.

The venue chosen for the reunion was Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. It was especially arranged to celebrate the eightieth birthday of a cousin of Jan's mother. Marie flew down from the Gold Coast, accompanied by her daughter Ann-Maree, and apparently was pleasantly surprised to meet up with family, including Jan whom she had not seen for some time. I am not sure whether I was the 'bonus', but felt privileged to share these couple of days.

Katoomba is a gorgeous place and a popular tourist attraction. I had not been there since the mid nineteen eighties and was delighted to visit it again. The accommodation was at Jamieson House, a lovely old place that overlooked the Jamieson Valley, not far from the popular 'Three Sisters' at Echo Point.

Jamieson House
Overlooking the Jamieson Valley, from our accommodation.
Very cozy with a four-poster bed for the 'princess'!

The little group was soon busy reminiscing about the past, bringing up family occasions, places and people.
Jan chatting with Margaret & Marie.

It was a little too much for me and I was quite happy to absorb myself in the book I had with me.

Part of the experience was to visit places that were important to the family, including nearby 'Roseneath', a property once owned by Mary & Ted Rae. The old house held special memories for the family. Today, the gardens are quite different, but somewhat overrun. Here is just a sample of photos taken during our visit:

The address, post box and all!The house, somewhat hidden. There was no one there, so everyone wandered around it!
I rather liked what I saw. Lots of colour - obviously a garden that was very loved in the past.
Jan had a ball and was not going to miss out on any of the pleasures of this trip down memory lane!
Certainly was a lovely spot!
Nearby were lovely walks, including those around the Cascades. Jan & I found a bit of time to go exploring by ourselves and indulge in our photography and each other's company. Share a little of our walk:
By cool streams, 'He leadeth me!' What would we do without water. And it always adds so specially to any picture!

We got to the three sisters lookout, but the weather was pretty damp and the views restricted. Nevertheless, the mood there was magic. Have a look:

Ah YES!!! Mysterious! Subtle! Breathtaking!
The following morning!

Just before we drove back to Sydney, Jan took the above photograph of the three sisters. A great view!! Jan and I very much enjoyed travelling to Katoomba by train and have vowed we will do it again SOON! Actually, I left my trousers, shirt and belt behind.....so it will be sooner than expected!!