Saturday, February 24, 2007

A birthday in hospital

Many visitors to this blog site will know that Carol has been in hospital for seven weeks and is likely to stay for some weeks yet. This has been a distressing and difficult time for her as well as for me and our family. 22 February was a big day as this is her birthday. I decided on a fairly low key birthday evening celebration in hospital and recognise this great lady in the company of our Hobart family, though minus the grandchildren - it would have been even better to have them with us, but out of consideration of other patients and the nursing staff, we kept it to just the four couples and me, though Dale was not able to make it as he was in Melbourne.

HOWEVER....there were others who also wanted to make sure that Carol was well and truly remembered and feted. Late morning there was the sound of singing and in trooped a number of dear friends from our church together with camera, cards & greetings and a lovely birthday cake. What a delightful and sensitive surprise which lifted Carol's spirits. Here they are (photos are courtesy of Arthur to whom I am grateful for the use of these pics:Vera, Junette & Dorothy surround Carol with their love and attention.....and Arthur was part of the party as well, which balanced it out a little for me.Vera created Carol's birthday cake and Carol was deeply touched by this lovely gesture, particularly as Vera had decorated the cake with the names of the the Meet & Make Group that meet every Friday. Just have a look at the next photo:I was very glad to have been there when our friends called.

In the evening the nursing staff kindly made the patients' common room available to us and we rolled the guest of honour on her bed to this room. The next photo shows Carol together with some of the family including Brent, Andrew (representing his dad Dale), Ann, Tim, Jacquie & Heather Note the lovely spread for Carol to feast on, including smoked beef, smoked salmon, smoked chicken breast, shanken, a variety of cheese, dips and pates, biscuits by variety, olives plus desert and Vera's cake. A pity that Carol was not able to eat as much as she would have before her illness, but it was good to see her enjoy at least some if it, but more especially, the company of those who love her dearly.And the above, let's get started, this time Graeme & Tim join the pic.Happy birthday Carol - MANY HAPPY RETURNS FROM ALL OF US and may God bless every day we will still share together! You are indeed very precious.Our time together was most enjoyable as we shared together:Finally, the cutting of the birthday cake with Ann assisting her mum:

Having completed this blog chapter I must really get stuck into completing at least another one from last month. Hopefully next week.