Thursday, January 01, 2009

Natasha & Ka-Loon's wedding Part 2

It was cold!!! In fact snow was falling as we woke up on the morning of Sunday, 7 December, as you can see in the photo of my host's house in New Jersey.I had quite a day, very much enjoying the hospitality and the fellowship of my friends Trevon & Qwynn Gross who pastor a church in Jackson (NJ). The morning service was awesome and I was overwhelmed by the welcome and love given to me. It is a predominantly a African-American congegation and the worship among these my brothers and sisters was indeed god-honouring. I loved it!

After lunch, one of the members of the church most kindly drove me to New York City, a journey that on a good run takes about 1.5 hours. We had a great run to the city, but things really slowed down when we got to the Lincoln Tunnel. But even that was acceptable and the traffic was at least moving. It was a nightmare once through the tunnel, as we negotiated a New York City gridlock!! It was painful (glad I went to the toilet before leaving Jackson!), especially around Time Square (of course). There were so many people enjoying the pre Christmas festivities and shopping. Our journey wasn't exactly helped by two conflicting GPS' that gave opposite instructions to the driver. Neither were we helped by the confusion over Broadway and Broadway East. When we thought we were at the right address, we found ourselves opposite the Wall Street Stock Exchange! Now there is a message!!!

Finally, we got to the right address, though it wasn't obvious even when we were in front of it. Bernie (my Jackson brother) was most concerned to let me go by myself from here. After a few checks with passers-by, I finally found the reception venue - AN HOUR AND A HALF LATE!!! By now I was pretty distraught, not helped by being ignored at the 'welcome' table in the reception venue where only the Chinese seemed to be acknowledged. I was in quite a state when I finally spied Brenda heading towards me. In the meantime, I missed most of the photo take. Thankfully, I did managed to get some images and, together with some shots from others, offer the following delightful and continuing story of Nat & Ka-Loon's wedding celebration. This time in China Town, New York City.

During the time I had been enjoying myself with friends in Jackson, the bridal party along with mum & dad Holt and others, had quite a day of having photos taken in the studio and under the Brooklyn Bridge under freezing conditions. Both married and ....... very beautiful!

When you see the dresses the girls were wearing, you will appreciate how they suffered! They were mighty glad to get back in the limousine:Emporer Ka-Loon giving audience in the limo!

While I wasn't with them during this time, I gather that the whole day was taken up with looking pretty, 'oh so pretty!' smiling for the cameras, waiting etc.A lovely picture of two very happy people. Love the roses.
Carol would have loved them too!
They do scrub up rather well. See what I mean about the dresses not being quite made for freezing (zero to one degree Celcius, I think it was) conditions.

Once at the reception venue, there were many more photo opportunities with every conceivable combination. Nat wasn't to be outdone, and being the fine photographer she is, made sure she took her own images:I really think this a great photo, full expression and beauty!

And who was the subject of her photo? Who knows, but perhaps no better subject than the following handsome couple:'In the was all about me!!''Hey! What about me? I do count you know!''Sure Ka-loon and I am happy to let my family share our happy moment, even if they do 'clown' around'!And, of course the whole Tung family:
And when I finally got there, I got in on the act as well, but more subdued!Every opportunity to be photographed with these beautiful ladies is too good to pass:With Brenda, Karina, Amy & Gemma
With Amy
GemmaKarinaAnd what a great picture this is!

Brenda & Graeme's entry into the 'arena' was interesting. Every picture perhaps tells its own story! (They'll 'kill' me for putting this pic on!):Is it, 'Come on Graeme, Hurry along!'
'Easy girl. Just remember I am the Father of the Bride!'
It is all a bit hazy!

But finally, 'Welcome folks! This is our party. Let's celebrate!'There was quite a crowd. I was told that some 350 guests were expected, but room had to be made for up to another 50. Four hundred! Wow, that is quite a crowd. To make things more interesting, the restaurant had booked a second wedding in the same hall, separated only by a removable partition. The comperes at both weddings were making sure that they were heard and were constantly outdoing one another. Quite a night!I was glad to share the table with the bride's family.

The wedding cake was really nice, though I don't know what it tastes like. With such a full programme, that was no surprise!I am not sure what this was all about, but Nat & Ka-loon shared a slice of the cake in a special manner:And of course, the father of the bride enjoyed the dance with his 'nambana' (Pidgin for No.1) daughter, while Ka-loon took the opportunity to dance with his mum (Oops! I should say MOM):The formalities included the Chinese custom of presenting gifts to the couple during the 'Tea Ceremony'. Here, Ka-loon's mother receive the young couple:Nat was welcomed into the Chinese community by this gentleman:You will have noticed that Nat changed her dress. This is all part of the ceremony. I am not quite sure what the different coloured dresses signify - or for that matter, what the different outfits Ka-loon wore represented. There was white, then red and then purple. There was one more outfit to change into, but time ran out. I am sure there is some symbolism here that I need to find out.

So let me present to you again:Mr & Mrs. Ka-Loon & Natasha TungPretty nice!! What a special joy and privilege to share both the weddings in Virginia and now in China Town, NYC. Wouldn't have missed it, though I could have done without the stress early in the evening.

But, my Limo awaits outside the door of the venue. Time to take my leave and back to Jackson in the comfort of a Lincoln. A long night, but a happy one!