Friday, September 14, 2012

For a Special Friend!

Last weekend, Jan & I went for a couple of days to the Tasman Peninsula and stayed overnight at the Fox & Hounds in Port Arthur.

It was a delightful weekend. We soaked up both the atmosphere and the stunning scenery, well aided by sunny weather. As we drove and stopped to take many photographs, we both commented on the very enjoyable time we had earlier this year, taking our friends Geoffrey & Heather on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Geoffrey is always full of interesting bits and pieces about his own Tassie experience and the many places he knew so intimately.

This blog is therefore for him as a happy reminder of our tripping together!

As we traveled to Port Arthur, we stopped at the Blow Hole and Tasman Arch. There was quite a swell which helped with our happy snaps:

Stunning view over Pirates Bay.
The Tessellated Pavement at Eagle Hawk Neck
The Tasman Arch
Near the Blow Hole

Stewarts Bay
Looking back towards Port Arthur with the Isle of the Dead visible.
Above & below, stunning views of Tasman Island on the South East tip of Tasmania. A tranquil, yet dynamic setting on a lovely day.

From here we continued down to Remarkable Caves where we were greeted by the following magnificent views:
The above gives a little idea of the beauty in this area with Cape Raoul in the background. How good is all that! It was Sunday morning, and I find hard to think of a better spot to worship God and acknowledge His greatness in all things!

I could post many more photos of the above, but will resist the temptation. Instead, we continued our nostalgic journey heading to Premaydena on Impression Bay. There is a lot of history attached to this area and, as can be seen in the next photograph, it was quite an establishment back in the 1850s when Impression Bay became a quarantine/probation station for immigrants on the ship Persian. A most uncomfortable and difficult time for those so treated.
The above and the house below are the only old buildings still there. So very attractive!

Sure looks good!And I could not resist taking the photo below of the wattle out in full bloom.
There is yellow everywhere.

But, the coach awaits for further interesting places. Next ........ Koonya! Sadly, we did not make it to Saltwater River and the Coal Mines. This is one of my favourite places in Tasmania and where the family spent many happy days in our beach house.

Koonya is another colonial station of the 1800s. It amazes me that I never took time to explore this great spot in the past and just drove through on the way to Saltwater River. But this time, with Jan beside me, we took time to wander around, especially the convict station. Well worth the time and very enlightening.

The Cascades has been beautifully restored and is now a private residence. We got talking to the owner who was born in Koonya - and he was no youngster. It is good to see a love for the old buildings including what was a very derelict house, now well on the way to being restored:

Great settings!
Below. Still in Koonya though not quite in the same category.
Well worth a pic!

The convict station has still some excellent buildings and is used for B&B accommodation. With direct excess to the water, it is very picturesque. We loved wandering around and could not help being enthusiastic photographers. Here is a sample!

All pretty special!

Good to see the old farming machinery on display.
All looked in pretty good condition.
Above, the convict station as seen from the water, as we made our way to the site of the jetty. Interesting to see the photograph below and read the history.
Today, there is nothing left to see of the jetty.

Above and below, the site of where the jetty once stood.
And to finish...........

The moon over Hobart, taken from our front balcony. A nice way to conclude this blog, written especially to thank Geoffrey King for his friendship, his many stories and his extensive Tassie knowledge. Thanks Geoffrey. Enjoy the above!! Tassie is a great place which you and I will always love and enjoy!