Monday, April 24, 2006

Visitors to our home

After so many blogs about our travels, this really is a change of pace. Indeed, it is also a change in location. We are home and entertaining. That has always a special part of our lives and we enjoy receiving guests.

A couple of weeks ago we were glad to welcome Barry & Marie from Adelaide. Great to catch up with them and share our lives. Barry conducted an interim ministry in our church 18 months ago and at the time they saw a fair bit of our lovely surroundings. But, they had not been to South Arm and the entry to the great Derwent River. Being a lovely day, we took them for the 20 minute drive (yes, it that close to our place) and showed them this lovely area:Near the entrance to the Derwent River.
Barry & Marie with Carol. The entry of the Derwent River is marked by the light house (in the pic) we call the Iron Pot.
South Arm/Opposum Bay. Pretty cute and quite close to Hobart.

Barry & Marie had no sooner left than the guest room was readied for the arrival of daughter Vicki and granddaughter Jacqui. It was really special to have them over for a week and we said goodbye to them again yesterday when they returned to NSW. Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of our reunion meal on the Sunday which most of the Hobart family shared (was too busy dishing up food and drinks etc. Plus of course enjoying time with the grand children). Hopefully, the Holts will post some of the pics that they took.
But at least, here are a couple of shots, including one of Carol, Vicki & Jacqui:And of course, we made sure that Jacqui was well fed!

It was very special to see Luke & Elli having a good time with their NSW cousin. And it was obvious that Jacqui enjoyed the attention and being bowled over:

Vicki, together with her twin, Ann at the airport. Thanks for coming Vicki & Jacqui.

And finally, a pic of the rainbow in front of our place the other day: