Monday, November 28, 2005

A Grand Tour Part 1 - Nashville

When we first planned our recent tour to Vienna, Eastern Europe and Russia, granddaughter Natasha asked, 'Why not purchase a round-the-world ticket, go via America and drop into Washington DC to say g'day to me!' Well, why not indeed! It only needs to take a few days and it is the kind of suggestion we find a challenge. So here we come Natasha.
It also gave us the opportunity to visit special friends Terry & E'lane in Nashville. A great town with lots to do and plenty of places to visit. The Country Music Hall of Fame (of course), going to concerts, shopping and the inevitable variety of great eating houses were all on the list. With Terry & E'lane we were bound to have a great time.

We particularly enjoyed listening to a guitar quartet - Conservatorium students, who gave a wonderful performance in the entrance of the Frisk Centre of the Arts.

This, plus a performance by the Nashville Symphony Orchestra made for a most enjoyable visit, well worth the 'slight detour'! By the way, the Orchestra played Mozart Symphony No 41 plus an amazing multi-media performance of Holtz - The Planets. Superb!

Our next stop will be Washington DC. Or Rather, Arlington where Natasha lives.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Spectacular Journey

We have just returned from two months of travel via the US to Eastern Europe, Russia & Turkey. There is much to tell and show. This is just an introduction with many episodes to follow. Please be patient while we sort out our 2500 photos and catch up with the family, friends and commitments.