Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beyond All Expectations

During my 70 years birthday party last Saturday, I launched my memoirs. It was a fitting occasion with so many of the family and friends there. And the title? BEYOND ALL EXPECTATIONS. It is Carol and my story until 1972 and reflects that our lives, our experiences and our relationship were truly 'Beyond All Expectations'.

My dear granddaughter, Sarah, did an amazing job on designing the cover of the book. There is quite a story behind the images on this design.
The Preface of the book reads:

Beyond all Expectations is a personal account of Carol Boyes and Siebrand Petrusma; it is about their individual paths through infancy, childhood, and, as young adults, falling in love and the enduring and enchanting adventure together as husband and wife.

A story, unfolding like a tapestry, revealing childhood memories of World War II in the Netherlands, of the difficulties and the triumph of the early post war migration from Europe, of the tranquil girlhood in Tasmania and our extraordinary early married years in Papua New Guinea. Whatever our private expectations, it is fair to conclude that our journey, and the story we now tell, was one well ‘Beyond all Expectations’! A story of interest probably for any reader – but told for the enjoyment of our children and their grandchildren and for all those generations yet unborn!