Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Ever since a visionary entrepreneur, by the name of Paul Cave, conceived the idea that to climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge would be really a cool thing to do, I have wanted to do it. Climbing the bridge legally was launched in 1999, while we lived in the Sydney area. Somehow, I never did it then.

My son Mark did climb the Bridge illegally in his days as a university student in the early nineteen eighties. He told me he climbed to the top through the inside of the arch. Well, that certainly is not for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the 'legal' climb yesterday in company of my good friend Fred. We had a great and exhilarating time on a picture perfect day. The weather was sunny with just a light breeze which made the event all the more spectacular. We did the mid afternoon walk, which lasted for almost three hours that included a glorious sunset over Sydney harbour. It could not have been better!

I thought you might like to see the evidence of my feat.A Certificate to prove it

But this is much better proof!!

With Fred. In the background the magnificent Sydney Opera House

The Group we shared the experience with.

Do I recommend this to others? You betcha!!