Monday, August 04, 2008


Today tells me that it is three months since I had open-heart surgery. Glad to say that I am doing well with plenty of good healthy living here near the beach at Lauderdale. Daily 4-5 kms walks are a joy in this neck of the woods and the weather has been outstanding. Many will tell you that Hobart is desparate for rain. Quite right! A couple of days ago the media reported that Hobart is now the driest capital in Australia.

But, while the weather is as glorious as it is, I may as well make the best of it. It certainly aids my rehabilitation. I am not quite ready yet for all day bush walks - that will come, but have now at least graduated to some hill climbing that includes one of my favourite spots, which I call my 'prayer rock' and where I just sit for a while in meditation and prayer, thinking of our world, the children and the needy in our community, plus heaps of other things. The next couple of pics are of the rock and me:The above photos were taken on Saturday along with the next couple. With bird life right on my door step, where else would one want to live:
Part of my rahabilitation is to again entertain my family and friends. I delight in having one of the Hobart families with me for one main meal each week. It was Tim & Jacquie's turn and they turned up for dinner after church yesterday, with the three youngsters all dressed up in their Vietnam finery - compliments of daddy Tim who just returned from a conference in that country. They look stunning and we had a great meal together (one of Carol's recipes):On Saturday evening, Gemma turned up to 'drop her daddy off' - he was left by his little lonesome with Brenda in Melbourne and Gemma off to a special party. It is always good to share an evening with Graeme and we shared a bottle of red and a good steak. Way to go!! Sorry, no pics of the steak, but one of the lovely Gemma looking like someone in Pride & Prejudice!